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A better way to work can’t wait. Join us as we navigate toward a future that’s brighter than just “back to business.”

new, actionable insights on how to unlock the power of human connection in the global workplace.
strategies from leading companies who are thriving now and creating today’s “new normal.”
why a culture of recognition is the only way to galvanize high-performing teams.
the next generation of HR business leaders pioneering workplace rights.

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Discover how bringing greater humanity to workforces is the new blueprint for success. Learn from top executives at some of the major companies succeeding through today’s turmoil.

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Be there as we unveil our vision for a better way to work, with a new way to guide and celebrate companies and individuals bringing greater humanity to the workplace and world.

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Candid conversations with Eric & Derek

A candid conversation, an exploration, and a vision for the future.

This isn’t just another digital keynote.

In this dynamic broadcast, we’ll share stories and actionable insights from the companies thriving today. It's your chance to help pioneer a new set of workplace rights. And discover why a culture of recognition is the only way to galvanize high-performing teams.

Making Work Human

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Workhuman Live Online also marks the release of “Making Work Human,” the latest from Workhuman’s Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine, the pioneers behind the human workplace movement. This is the step-by-step business leader’s guide to leveraging the most powerful and transformative workforce-management strategy in a generation. “Making Work Human” reveals how the unlikely marriage of positive human values and big data analysis empowers leaders to seize the competitive edge and drive business sustainability by dramatically and authentically improving the employee experience.

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