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The discussions sparked by #MeToo and TIME’S UP may add up to the conversation of the decade – but we’re still talking. How do we apply the lessons that respect and equality are basic tenets of universal human rights and the future means upholding these as truths across all industries? There’s still a lot to be done to ensure a workplace – and world – where everyone is treated fairly and feels safe.

At WorkHuman, dive into these topics with two thought-provoking panels:

What’s Next? Uprooting the Institutions that Led to #MeToo and TIME’S UP
The TIME’S UP movement began dismantling institutions that have historically enabled and protected abusers. But what happens now and how do we continue to rid workplaces everywhere of harassment? Join us for a candid follow-up discussion from last year’s historic #MeToo panel with actor and gender equality advocate Geena Davis, President and Chief People Officer, Salesforce Cindy Robbins, and moderated by Fortune Senior Editor Ellen McGirt.

Pay is Personal: How to Address the Gender Pay Gap at Your Company
Pay parity can be an issue even in the most well-intentioned companies because the systems and processes around compensation and rewards aren’t built to address unconscious bias – and they’ve failed our employees. In this panel, hear from gender equity advocates and experts on the actions we need to take to address the pay gap.

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What’s Next? Uprooting the Institutions that Led to #MeToo and TIME’S UP

MARCH 21 | 9:00 A.M.

#MeToo is the story of the decade – the story of our generation. It’s a story that continues to play out in every workplace, no matter the industry. In the year since the story about Harvey Weinstein broke, both the #MeToo and TIME’S UP movements have helped formerly powerless victims of sexual abuse to expose their abusers. They have also raised important questions on how disrespect takes many insidious forms in the workplace, from harassment to pay inequality. Join us for a candid and authentic discussion on what’s next for these movements. What do HR leaders need to do to prevent and swiftly respond to unacceptable behavior in the workplace? Which actions pay lip service, and which actions actually help create systemic change and true equality? We all want to create more human work environments that are welcoming, respectful, and safe. This distinguished panel will provide actionable next steps.

Geena Davis

Gender Equality Advocate & Award-Winning Actor

In 2004, Geena founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a research-driven organization collaborating within the media and entertainment industry to expose gender imbalance and creatively remodel content to achieve gender equity.

Cindy Robbins

President & Chief People Officer, Salesforce

During her tenure at Salesforce, Cindy became a pioneer of equal pay efforts, resulting in the company spending $8.7 million to date to address any unexplained differences in pay.

Ellen McGirt

Fortune Senior Editor

Ellen is an award winning feature writer who also covers race, culture and leadership in a daily column for Fortune called raceAhead. Her reporting has taken her inside the C-Suites of Facebook, Nike, Twitter, Intel, Xerox and Cisco; on the campaign trail with Barack Obama and across Africa with Bono to study breakthrough philanthropy.


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