This is more than a sponsorship.

This is brand building at its best.

Wow the Workhuman® Live audience with your brand. This is a rare chance to connect with the changemakers, culture creators, leaders, disruptors, innovators, and mavericks of the industry who are coming to talk about the most pressing workplace issues of today – like pay equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, emotional safety and well-being at work, the data behind gratitude, and more.

Do your organization’s values align with our mission to shape the future of work with positivity, human connection, and innovation? If they do, the next Workhuman Live in San Antonio is the chance to put your business in front of our crowd – HR professionals from leading brands like LinkedIn, JetBlue, Cisco, Eaton, Merck, Baker Hughes, Procter & Gamble, and more.

If you’ve ever been to our event, you know it – we’re not traditional. And that goes for the treatment of our sponsorship area in Workhuman® Central, the epicenter of our event. You’ll be a stop within a micro-community of organizations. This isn’t where you sell or demo products. This is where you make deep connections with people about solutions and ideas. And we can only offer a few of these opportunities.

This means getting a spot is competitive, but it also means once you have one, you’ll benefit from a large brand presence at an unparalleled event, and an affiliation with the forward movement of this human era in HR. In other words, since the sponsor-to-attendee ratio will be highly favorable, you’ll benefit by having most of our humans to yourself.

To be a sponsor, your business must:

  • Align with Workhuman® from a brand/thought leadership perspective
  • Not be a current or potential competitor in one or more areas of our Workhuman® Cloud suite
  • Provide a solution that helps enhance the culture of an organization

Our audience

general HR/Talent

Join the movement and let the humanity flow.

Need more reasons?