Tom Bourdon

Tom Bourdon

Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Staples

Dr. Tom Bourdon is a Boston-based organizational leader who has spent the past two decades serving at the helm of multiple Diversity & Inclusion, LGBTQ, and education-focused organizations.  In 2019, he became the Head of Inclusion & Diversity for Staples. Prior to Staples, Tom served as the Executive Director of Greater Boston PFLAG and has also led LGBT Centers at UCLA, NYU and Tufts University (where he also chaired Tufts’ Social Justice Leadership Initiative).  Throughout his career Tom has also been a D&I consultant, trainer and speaker for countless organizations in the corporate, non-profit, higher education and government sectors.

My Sessions

It’s no secret: White men in the US have been the primary holders of dominance, power and privilege since back when they first crashed the Mayflower into Plymouth Rock.  The result of this has been decades of marginalization for just about anyone who doesn’t identify as a straight, white, cisgender, Christian and able-bodied male. Over […]

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