Tacy Byham, Ph.D.

Tacy Byham, Ph.D.


Tacy M. Byham, Ph.D., is CEO of DDI, an award-winning global leadership consulting firm that helps companies hire, promote and develop exceptional leaders. She is passionate about empowering leaders to declare their true worth and ignite their impact in the workplace, from the start of their careers all the way to the C-suite.

A champion for gender equality, Tacy is an energetic and thought-provoking presenter on women in leadership and is highly in-demand at global professional conferences. Based on the popularity of her women in leadership talks, she penned the 2019 book Amplify: Power Moves for Women and Their Allies to Ignite Impact with co-author and Fortune writer Ellen McGirt. She also co-authored Your First Leadership Job: How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others. In addition, Tacy has authored several book chapters, written a wide range of articles, and been quoted in publications including Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, BBC, Fortune, and SUCCESS.

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Time for action! Women have earned the majority of college degrees since the 1980s and are nearly half the workforce. Yet the number of women at the top has barely budged, with only 6% women CEOs among the Fortune 500. The lesson is clear: hard work and excellence aren’t enough. There’s a gap when We […]

Ensuring Fairness and Opportunity: Pay and Equality in the Workplace
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