Gather with Priya

Priya Parker leads a dynamic interactive
workshop experience to open 2020!

Why she’s the right human

Priya Parker is a facilitator, strategic advisor, and the acclaimed author of “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters.” She believes a gathering is a form of leadership. And that if you can develop the capability to create and lead purpose-driven gatherings, then you can help change workplace culture. She’s said, “When you gather well, one of the outcomes is you create a sense of belonging. When you create a sense of belonging, you increase your retention rates. You decrease burnout.” Yes. All of this!

What’s getting us really excited is that she’ll lead a highly interactive event where attendees will learn and experience how to connect with one another in a meaningful way. This kind of workshop is something prior attendees have requested – and Priya is making it happen.

This will be an interactive workshop for attendees to experience “The Art of Gathering” in real time. Priya’s live laboratory experience demonstrates the ideas of her book and connects us to each other in new ways, while breaking down the anatomy of what makes for transformative gatherings. You’ll walk away with real tools to apply to all the gatherings in your own work and life. Learnings like:

•   Human-centered approach to gatherings
•   Simple, specific changes to invigorate any group experience
•   Importance and impact of having a clear purpose in all that you do