Ozan Varol

Ozan Varol

Best-Selling Author & Award-Winning Law Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School

A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Ozan moved to the United States by himself at 17 to attend university. He became a rocket scientist and served on the operations team for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers project that sent two rovers to Mars. He then pivoted and became a law professor to influence others to make interplanetary leaps on Earth. Now, he’s all about being a contrarian and challenging the status quo to create more innovation.

His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, BBC, TIME, CNN, and The Washington Post. Best-selling authors with large followings—including Tim Ferriss, Adam Grant, Daniel Pink, Susan Cain, among many others—have featured Ozan in their weekly newsletters.

Ozan’s forthcoming book, “Think Like a Rocket Scientist,” will be published in Spring 2020 by the Hachette Book Group in the United States and by Penguin Random House in several foreign markets.

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Rocket science represents the apex of a certain thought process—a way to imagine the unimaginable and solve the unsolvable. It’s the same thought process that enabled Neil Armstrong to take his giant leap for mankind, that allows spacecraft to travel millions of miles through outer space and land on a precise spot, and that brings […]

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