Karen Eber

Karen Eber

Global Culture & Leadership Development Strategist

Why is Karen speaking at WorkHuman?

How does a Global Culture and Talent Development leader bring a different perspective on the oldest form of development: storytelling? Karen focuses not just on why to do this, but how to use this to help people reach their leadership potential. This is an approach she has used to build leaders globally, across industries and in multiple companies in the Fortune 500.

About Karen:

Karen Eber is a global talent, leadership development, and culture specialist focused on developing individuals, teams and organizations. Karen uses storytelling to point out examples in everyday life that inspire all people to reach their leadership potential and be #betterthanyesterday.

Karen is the owner and founder of Eber Leadership Group, a Talent Development consulting company with 20+ years of experience driving talent agendas across industries globally. Often described as bringing “clarity to chaos,” and “clear thinking in thunderstorms,” she works closely with CEOs, Executive Teams and HR to design and implement innovative and practical Talent Management Solutions. Karen is an inventive and constructive facilitator who regularly designs and facilitates custom coaching workshops that enable CEOs and Senior Leadership teams to define vision and strategy, break through culture inhibitors and shape high performance. She regularly serves as an advisor and thought partner on Talent Development and Culture strategies and plans.

Karen has worked as an Executive across Fortune 500 companies including GE, Deloitte and HP. At GE, Karen was responsible for Culture and Executive Development for the Power Business with 90,000 employees in 150 countries. She created and implemented strategies to shape culture, develop talent and build succession.  She regularly provided keynotes for customers and employees, shaping their thinking on leadership development and culture.

Previous to GE, Karen led the redesign and testing of Performance Management at Deloitte, implemented strengths-based development across the Talent ecosystem, led the Leadership Development curriculum for Principals and Partners, and built the first simulation-based leadership development program for senior managers.

Her roots are in psychology, communications, performance improvement, adult learning and instructional design. Karen is a four-time American Training and Development (ATD) award winner, a keynote speaker, a TED Masterclass speaker, and eminent thought leader in various publications, including her popular article “Make Waffles, not Spaghetti.”

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