Think like Pink

Daniel Pink, Top Business Thinker & Best-Selling Author

Why he’s the right human

Daniel isn’t just a top business thinker with one of the most-watched TED Talks ever – he’s a visionary who draws on decades of research in behavioral science to prove why many traditional rewards fall short and old-school management techniques fail. Then he illuminates more effective ways to motivate and empower your people to be their best selves, increasing engagement and boosting performance.

We swoon a little when he talks about how true, long-term motivation and growth comes from treating people well and fostering autonomy, mastery, and purpose. This means having self-direction and control; getting better at something that matters while receiving feedback and making progress; and feeling connected to meaningful work.
Sounds a lot like working human, doesn’t it?

That’s why Daniel will be speaking at Workhuman Live – because he believes the future of work is building businesses that foster both humanity and productivity. And maybe, with his awesome insights, he’ll show us how to motivate our people to succeed through purpose and progress, inspiring an ideal workplace where we can all thrive and belong.