Christopher Rosett

Christopher Rosett

Senior Director, HR Analytics and Reporting, Comcast NBC Universal

Chris is passionate about making employees a strategic priority and believes successful organizations of the future will differentiate themselves through their employee value proposition. From attraction and selection to talent management and organizational design to culture and engagement, Chris believes executing great people strategy is the competitive advantage of tomorrow.

Chris has been part of talent management, organizational development, learning, talent acquisition, HR strategy, and HR analytics teams. His mission is helping to do HR better and contributing to the science of understanding people at work. Currently Chris leads HR Analytics and Reporting for Comcast’s Technology, Product, and Xperience business.

My Sessions

The ability to work with data is quickly becoming an indispensable skill set for employees. However, defining “the ability to work with data” raises many questions. What does that mean to an individual or to an organization? “Analytics Teams”, “Business Intelligence”, and other groups have sprung up within companies to serve a variety of purposes, […]

Quantifying Human Connections: Defining the Future of Work
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