Brittany J. Harris

Brittany J. Harris

Vice President, Learning & Innovation, The Winters Group, Inc.

Brittany J. Harris is the Vice President of Learning & Innovation at The Winters Group, Inc., a global diversity and inclusion consulting firm. In her role, Brittany is responsible for curating and facilitating learning experiences that shift perspectives, change hearts, and empower action in service of equity, justice, and inclusion. Brittany supports non-profit and for-profit organizations in designing high-impact learning and education programs that focus on competency building around diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competence and “meeting people where they are” in their journey.

Prior to joining The Winters Group, Brittany held human resources, diversity management, affirmative action compliance, and consulting roles in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Tampa Bay, FL. A graduate of Howard University, Brittany holds an undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism. She also received her master’s in human resources management, with a concentration on Diversity and Inclusion Management, from Georgetown University. Brittany is a certified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDIÂ).

Brittany currently serves on a curriculum advisory board for Baltimore City Public Schools’ BeMORE Me Initiative and has previously served on boards for The Florida Diversity Council, Women in Cable Telecommunications Florida, The Pinellas County Urban League Young Professionals, and The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association.

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What does it mean to be “authentic in the workplace?”  Better yet, what does it mean to truly bring one’s  “whole” or “best-self” to the workplace? What are the boundaries? What can we do to make it real so that employees thrive and the organization achieves its goals? These are important questions to consider as […]

Authentic D&I: Building Workplaces that Reflect our World, not our Biases
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