Angela Howard

Angela Howard

Director of Talent Management & Culture, Kaiser Permanente

Why is Angela speaking at WorkHuman?

The employee experience and customer experience are interconnected. When an organization goes through a change such as an acquisition, how do leaders ensure both sides continue to thrive? Angela Howard leads a team at Kaiser Permanente that builds positivity on the inside that shines through to the outside.

About Angela:

Angela R. Howard currently serves as the director of talent management and culture for Kaiser Permanente’s Washington (KPWA) region. In this role, Angela oversees a team of organizational development, talent management, and learning professionals that help build capability and drive culture change across KPWA.

Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente. Angela has spent over a decade of her career advising organizations and coaching executives on how to build businesses that thrive through people that thrive. Her dedication to and strong philosophy around the untapped potential of the workforce of tomorrow is grounded in intersecting individual passion with company purpose. She coaches, educates, and speaks about transforming organizations into catalysts for hiring, retaining, engaging, and developing their most capable and energized employees. Her personal mission is to bring passion and purpose back into the workplace. She leverages her knack for transforming research and best practice into enterprise-wide and business-specific localized programs and solutions impacting individuals, small teams, and entire global organizations of 300,000+ employees in the areas of employee engagement, strategic talent development, organizational effectiveness, and company culture.

Angela received her M.A. in industrial/organizational psychology, highly specialized field focused on rigor and research around behavior and human potential in the workplace.

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