Adam Fridman

Adam Fridman

Author & Founder of ProHabits

Why is Adam speaking at WorkHuman?

Adam Fridman has interviewed more than 600 leadership experts and executives at America’s top brands to understand how purpose, values, and habits transform organizations at the human level, by developing individual potential. At WorkHuman, he’ll provide you key takeaways from these talks and inspire you to make the conscious choice to pursue purpose.

About Adam:

Adam Fridman is the founder of Chicago’s successful digital marketing agency, Mabbly. He plays a unique industry role in helping enterprise leaders bring their organizations’ desired behaviors to life. Adam is a seasoned entrepreneur, longtime contributor at, international keynote speaker, and best-selling author. highlighted his recent book, “The Science of Story,” as “one of the most highly anticipated culture and branding books of 2018.” Adam’s philosophy that “purpose inspires, values guide, habits define” is central to the transformational initiatives he continues to spark for hundreds of leaders.

For “The Science of Story,” he fostered relationships with more than 500 leadership experts, culture captains, and executives at America’s top brands. After publication in early 2018, he now follows the next step in the journey by posing this question: “How do you bring your organization’s values from the abstract into action, on a daily basis?” The ProHabits personal growth system provides quantitative impact to help inspired leaders answer this challenging question and follows a roadmap for success that is guided by Key Behavioral Indicators (KBIs). The thousands of collected user stories and groundbreaking business results will highlight his next book, “The Science of Values,” scheduled for release in spring 2020.

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