Simon Sinek

Leadership Guru. Deep Thinker. Dynamic Speaker.

He’s joining the HR event of the year.

Simon Sinek’s TED talk – How Great Leaders Inspire Action – continues to gain momentum and is now the third most viewed TED talk of all time with more than 35 million views. Indeed, it is Simon’s insight into leadership that makes him a perfect fit as a keynote speaker at WorkHuman 2018.

Simon challenges business leaders with these questions: Why does your company exist? Is it simply to make a profit or is there a higher purpose? Why does your organization prioritize certain HR initiatives as opposed to others? Why do you do what you do?

Simon is a visionary business thinker, a trained ethnographer, and author of three best-selling books: “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” “Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t,” and “Together is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration.” His latest book, “Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team,” published in September, is getting rave reviews.

Join Simon at WorkHuman 2018 and get new, innovative ideas on how great leaders inspire their teams.

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Warm Up to the Idea

What is WorkHuman?

WorkHuman is a global movement of people, purpose, and passion behind bringing more humanity to today’s modern workplace. It is a management practice underpinned by global research and proven ROI that shows how companies can drive a positive employee experience that has tremendous value for both the employee and the organization.

The mission of the WorkHuman movement is to galvanize leaders worldwide to harness the transformative power of people for the next generation of HR.