Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Fly your freak flag! In this refreshingly interactive session, you will explore the significance of being true to yourself in all areas of your life. Discover that authenticity isn’t a destination but a lifelong journey of awareness, acceptance, integrity, and intentionality.

Join Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt to learn the mindsets and tools needed to find greater authenticity. Among the numerous benefits, this will allow your relationships to flourish as you learn to appreciate the inner “freak” in everyone, especially yourself. Join us to discover how to unleash the awesome power of authenticity in your work and life.

What you will learn:

– Authenticity is a lifelong journey that has powerful consequences for your happiness, effectiveness, and fulfillment

– A process and tools for finding and unleashing greater authenticity in your life and at work

– Mindsets to help prepare you for the resistance you will meet as you live a more authentic life

Authentic D&I: Building Workplaces that Reflect our World, not our Biases