Working (More) Human in a Stressed-Out World

Stress resilience and emotional wellbeing is the #1 concern for 93% of employers. Join Joe Burton, author of the bestselling book “Creating Mindful Leaders” and founder and CEO of Whil, for this fast-paced, touching, and incredibly funny peek into wellbeing and performance. Learn how to create the right mindset for resilience, positivity, and sustainable success in a high performance culture. See first-hand why 50% of the Fortune 500 are now using mindfulness and emotional intelligence training to improve focus, innovation, collaboration, and leadership. Learn how to overcome the natural deficiencies of the brain and take away easy, repeatable techniques to reduce stress and build resilience for your own well-being and performance. You’ve never had this much fun learning about stress!

The Work-Life Blend: Thriving in the Balance of Career and Personal Fulfillment