Transformational Mentorship: Your Best Tool to Maximize Human Potential at Work

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchhill

If you are looking for the “how” to create a more human-centered workplace this is the session for you. If you think about it, there is nothing more human than the act of mentorship. It’s a selfless act done with the sole intention to be of service and to help others see their unlimited potential.  And yet, this undiscovered superpower is lying dormant in most organizations. You are sitting on a land mine of human potential that once ignited, can be your best tool to eliminate silos, increase collaboration, innovation, engagement, and retention.

In this highly engaging and informative session, Wesley will share his case study of creating and running an award-winning global mentorship program that has transformed his organization towards a more human one. His robust mentorship program was built from the ground up and now includes over 32 countries from around the world.  Both inspirational and practical, Wesley will share all of the pitfalls and best practices of creating a transformational mentoring program in your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

– Best practices to create a formalized mentorship program in your organization
– How to start a “mentorship movement
– A clear understanding of what mentorship is and isn’t
– New research around the impact of mentorship on productivity, engagement, and retention
– How to integrate mentoring competencies in your performance management systems
– Scaling mentorship for global impact
– The link between recognition, gratitude, and mentorship
– How to use mentorship to break down silos, increase collaboration and innovation in your organization

Moving Beyond the Mission: Inspiring and Aligning Meaningful Work