Resilient to the Core: How to Scientifically Improve Your Default Response to Stress to Boost Performance and Happiness

A mindset hijacked by stress is one of the biggest barriers to high performance for leaders and their teams, yet new research shows 91% of people could improve their default response to stress using simple, proven habits. The antidote to the weight of change, uncertainty, and non-stop demands is building a resilient, optimistic mindset.

In one of the largest studies on stress of its kind, Michelle has identified the three major dimensions of your response to stress that predict your well-being and performance. In a separate landmark study done in partnership with Stanford and Yale, her team trained executives at UBS how to rethink their relationship with stress, and four weeks later that group as compared to the control reported a 23% decrease in stress related symptoms including headaches, backaches and fatigue.

Drawing from that work and numerous other studies, Michelle will train your audience how to how to identify stress response pitfalls that waste energy and leave us stuck, use unavoidable stress to their advantage to boost performance, develop simple habits to retrain their brains to be more resilient and optimistic in minutes, and cultivate interconnected teams to create cultures of high performance, optimism and sustainable resilience.

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