Redefining Feedback to Support Continuous Performance Culture

“Can I give you some feedback?” Why does this question always seem to make our blood pressure rise and defenses go up?

The truth is: We’ve got feedback wrong. Not only have we got it wrong, but as humans we’re paying a significant price for our feedback missteps and misuse. The call for a feedback fix is loud and strong. If we work together to fix feedback, we can collectively capture those meaningful connections that will improve our relationships, our work and ourselves.

“Getting it right” isn’t about a few tweaks here and there; it’s about starting over. We’re wiping the slate clean of old practices and protocols and getting a fresh start on feedback. That’s why our first step was redefining feedback to support our true intent and desired outcomes:

Feedback (NOUN): Clear and specific information that’s sought or extended for the sole intention of helping individuals or groups improve, grow, or advance.

Each word in our new definition was carefully selected. Pay particular attention to “with the sole intention of helping.” Too often in our interactions, the feedback we receive is simply not helpful. If it isn’t intended to help individuals or teams thrive and grow, then why offer it or seek it?

It’s equally important to tune into what’s not in our definition: namely that, in our better feedback future, feedback is not intended as evaluation, blame, or judgement. We see feedback as insight that helps all of us look forward, and to support continuous performance.

In this session, we’ll create a baseline understanding about the way we experience feedback today. We will offer a new definition of feedback, the science that supports putting trust at the center of your feedback approach, and how embracing this new approach and your understanding of your role as seeker, extender and receiver of feedback will help build a culture of continuous performance organization-wide. We will also introduce a simple conversational model for effective feedback and spend time practicing with one another. This session will be informative and interactive, and will include practical application that will leave you equipped to build a positive and continuous feedback culture in your own organizations.

Humanizing Performance Feedback: Developing Employees Who Stay and Grow