Recruiters Behaving Badly? Understanding Your “Hiring Culture” To Engage Candidates

We all know the importance of corporate culture, but what about your “hiring culture”? Every Talent Acquisition Team has one. Your hiring culture is more than creating a “candidate experience”, rather it’s a comprehensive understanding of what your talent acquisition team, including recruiters, hiring managers, and C-Suite truly value. What people value effects how they behave & those behaviors, good & bad, impacts candidate engagement & recruiting results.

In this session, Dawn Burke will:

– Define what exactly is a hiring culture and who are it’s stakeholders.

– Discuss what barriers are keeping recruiters from landing great talent.

– Share with participants what makes up the specific Hiring Culture Drivers

– Demonstrate which drivers perpetuate certain talent acquisition behaviors.

– Teach participants how to assess their hiring cultures & share best practices to improve.

The Human-Centered Workplace: Establishing a Culture of Authenticity, Collaboration, and Respect