A Real View on Workplace Culture

What does Culture actually mean and how do you go about designing a culture that enables your company towards speed and success? I’d love to share the intentional way we demystified the term culture and took it from fluff to true impact. In 2019 Shopify was declared the fastest growing SaaS company, ever. A large but largely invisible role, when looking from the outside in, is the part that culture plays in this success.

I’d like to share what Culture means at Shopify. Exposing the complexities of it and the beauty that comes with this. Further, why designing a strong culture is essential to long term alignment and success. While talking to concrete examples in Shopify where our strong culture has prevented or saved us in moments of chaos. Lastly, how we intentionally design this culture daily with a product mindset; by building a system that is powered by our values and principles. This system is the critical infrastructure that runs Shopify.

The term “Culture” can become a catch all when describing a company that looks like a glossy, fun place to work. It can be used to mask biases “you’re not a cultural fit” or sell a candidate on an all the nice to haves “look at all of our great perks” and “we have a slide!”. By sharing my experience, I hope to give a real view of what Culture is and the impact it can have on a company.

The Human-Centered Workplace: Establishing a Culture of Authenticity, Collaboration, and Respect