Drop the Playbook: Keep Performance Strategy Simple and Human

The state of the workplace – with a focus on teams and new employee expectations – requires a total reimagining of the way organizations develop their people. The emphasis is on the employee experience with a shift away from bureaucracy toward more transparency and trust. Based on new research from the Workhuman Analytics and Research Institute and other data findings, Rosette Cataldo, vice president, performance & talent strategy at Workhuman, will share new learnings and actionable steps you can take to develop a softer, more human approach to employee performance.

You will learn:

– How the shift to team-based work is changing how we motivate and develop people

– Why positivity is so essential to building a culture of trust and openness to all feedback

– The power of real-time feedback for managers and peers

– A multi-pronged approach to changing performance management, including training and communication need

Humanizing Performance Feedback: Developing Employees Who Stay and Grow