Let’s Talk! Evolving from Performance Management and Ratings to Elevate the Employee Experience

We have heard it many times before, the industrial age approach to performance management is a painful process that does not create a positive experience for employees and leaders. Is moving away from the traditional performance review process as daunting as it may sound? Is going rating less even possible? And if you are willing to go down that path, where do you even to start?

Join CAE, a worldwide leader in training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare markets, that has jumped with both feet into the new era of performance development.

Hear how CAE is changing its 70+ year traditional culture to one focused on the employee experience, and how the shift to performance development and no ratings, plays a key role in this.

In this session, you will learn about CAE’s journey, particularly about:

– The decision to remove performance ratings and focus on transparency
– How employees and leaders were involved globally in the creation of their new approach
– The practical, user experience driven tools they developed
– The creative and engaging communication strategies they used to raise awareness and understanding globally
– How this shift is based on continuous feedback, dialogue, and coaching and aligned to the company’s overall culture evolution
– Their lessons learned and the next steps in this multi-year journey.

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