Pathway to Purpose: Discover & Lead With Your Personal Purpose

Each of us has a unique, personal brand expressed in the way we think, talk, act and operate. This is our unique ‘Way’. It is who we are at our best. What we stand for.

Personal Vision, Personal Purpose and Personal Principles are the three ingredients that inform our unique “Way”.  Together they define us and are the DNA that determines how we show up in the world every day.

Despite their importance, few of us have discovered and codified in words the three ingredients of our “Way”. Even fewer have taken steps to understand how to harness them to live happier, more fulfilled lives and to inspire those around us.

Pathway to Purpose is a four part series featuring fast-paced, interactive workshops. Each of the first three workshops focuses on one ingredient of the unique Way. The fourth and final workshop uses case histories, video testimonials, templates, and situational scenarios (orals, client meetings, emails, presentations, speeches, etc. to teach participants how to apply their unique “Way”  in their personal and work lives.

In this special session, participants begin the journey to realize their unique “Way”. Pathway to Purpose: Part 1 – Discover and lead with your Personal Purpose leverages the art of storytelling to hone in on what matters most to participants so they can best articulate their Personal Purpose Statements and begin to identify how they can uniquely live into their Personal Purpose every day.

Moving Beyond the Mission: Inspiring and Aligning Meaningful Work