Leading With a Coach Approach

Good leaders win followers, but great leaders create leaders — individuals at every level of the organization who deliver lasting impact. Developing your team’s capacity for success isn’t driven by power, but partnership — a “coach approach” that builds the strengths and skills of every member of the organization.

Leading with a coach approach requires new thinking about the role of management and the conditions of high performance. In this evidence-based and entertaining session, learn proven methods to unleash your inner coach and promote the agency and creativity of others. Activate your coaching superpowers to engage, challenge and support your team and foster a relentless culture of continuous learning and improvement. Transform the way others see their work by shifting the conversation from performance metrics to personal meaning.

From giving high-performance feedback to creating trust and better teamwork, this session provides leaders with deep insights and right-away strategies to develop their coachability, sharpen their communication skills, and provide job-embedded support to ensure the collective success of their organizations.

This session will help leaders:

– Master powerful but accessible strategies for holding coaching conversations.
– Support performance management with the use of developmental tools
– Apply proven techniques that boost collaboration, spark creativity and improve team trust.

Humanizing Performance Feedback: Developing Employees Who Stay and Grow