EXECUTIVE FORUM: Leadership, Innovation, and the Surprising Truth of Human Motivation

Leadership, Innovation, and the Surprising Truth of Human Motivation What motivates people to do their best work? The question is central to leadership, strategy, and innovation. And in this presentation, Daniel Pink, author of the million-copy international bestseller Drive, offers the answer.

Tapping 50 years of research in behavioral science, Pink shows why many traditional rewards fall short of their promise and sometimes even backfire. Then, marshaling the evidence, he reveals a more effective motivational operating system. This new system, which has been embraced by smart organizations around the world, promotes enduring motivation through autonomy, mastery, and purpose — the fundamentally human desires to direct own lives, to make progress in work that matters, and to contribute to a team.

In this powerful and practical presentation, you will learn:

– When bonuses are effective and when they fall flat

– Why money matters to employee motivation, but not the way you probably think;

– Why the secret to employee engagement is *less* management;

– How cutting-edge organizations are promoting innovation with ShipIt Days, genius hours, and other surprising work practices;

– How to replace formal performance reviews with smarter, faster, and better forms of feedback;

– How to enlist the two types of purpose that science shows can dramatically boost performance.