A Modern Approach to Leadership: The Secret to Developing High Performing Teams

Cy Wakeman is the founder of Reality-Based Leadership where she has forgone the traditional vision, mission, and values model to adopt a revolutionary mantra for all to live by: “Evolve yourself and love wins!” It can really be that simple to create drama-free, innovative, and fun workplace cultures.

Cy returns to Workhuman Live to share her latest research and counter-intuitive approach to fueling the next talent evolution.  In this session, you will learn how to modernize your leadership approach and the secrets to developing happy, high performing teams who will, in turn, co-create drama-free workplaces.

She’ll share her latest insights such as shared accountability is the key to engagement and the reasons why you should transition from an annual performance review to an employee value model.

In this high-energy session, participants will:

  • Discover compelling research and ground-breaking ideas on leadership development
  • Understand employee engagement from an entirely different perspective
  • Develop highly effective mental processes to produce high-performing teams who value and demonstrate accountability

Cy will interrupt your thinking on the role of the future leader while providing you with strategies to modernize your own workplace.  Seriously, don’t miss this session!

Moving Beyond the Mission: Inspiring and Aligning Meaningful Work