How the World’s Leading Companies Learn

An engaging and provocative conversation between Mark Kaestner, Vice President, Talent Management, Learning, and Diversity & Inclusion at Graphic Packaging International, and Neil Bedwell, Founding Partner & President at Local Industries, a Change Marketing consultancy.

The conversation will focus on the value of learning in the new economy, how to engender a culture of curiosity, and how learning drives business transformation, leveraging both speaker’s knowledge and experience working inside complex corporate cultures, such as Coca-Cola, Hilton Hotels, P&G, and more.

Mark and Neil will explore trends, innovations, and best practice examples, including:

– Connected Growth. How leading employers such as Coca-Cola are shifting to a focus on the connection between individual career growth and company results.
Curated Learning. How to overcome common barriers to learning, such as time and value perception, with a more personalized approach to learning.
Digital Classroom. The key success factors in creating a world-class online learning platform for a distributed workforce.
Leadership Development. How progressive people leaders are building employee development from day one, how they identify potential future leaders, and how they groom them for greatness.
Superpowers > Functions. Why all leaders need to learn more about their people to unlock their full potential.
Personal Growth. How the future of work depends on investing in the personal growth of every employee, beyond the hired role and even beyond their time with the company.

The Human-Centered Workplace: Establishing a Culture of Authenticity, Collaboration, and Respect