The Gift of Gratitude. The Power of Kindness.

Gratitude and kindness opens the door to a workplace of trust, teamwork, and yes – love.  The positive impact on self and others is well-established, allowing for greater contributions in an impersonal world often marked by cynicism and doubt.  This session focuses on establishing an understanding of the concept of kindness and how one can harness their intellectual and emotional skills to find happiness and create relationships marked by gratitude, compassion, and caring.

This interactive session will include a number of practical activities including self-assessments, and examination of toxic versus nourishing behaviors both personally and in others.  We will also use video clips, case studies, and role plays as time and discussion dictate.

Participants in this session will be able to:

– Understand authentic versus faux kindness

– Identify the personal and organizational barriers to kind and compassionate workplaces

– Recognize the contribution kindness contributes to organizational mission

– Identify and develop gracious, kindness-based thinking and behavioral skills that strengthen the workplace

– Communicate the organizational benefits of kindness to others

The Gratitude Effect: Unleashing the Power of Recognition in Organizations