EXECUTIVE FORUM: Elevated Leadership: How your lack of well-being might be ruining your team’s performance and how to fix it

It’s a hard truth: Your lack of attention to your emotional health at work is affecting your team’s performance – whether you like it or not. Your stress as a leader isn’t neutral, it has outsized negative impact on people you lead. In fact, 75% of employees in America say the most stressful part of their job is interacting with their boss.

By contrast, when leaders model a sustainable way of working and encourage their employees to do the same, people on their teams are 55% more engaged and 53% more focused. Thriving leaders are more likely to have thriving employees, who perform 72% better than non-thriving employees, including 89% better on innovation, and are 79% more committed to their organization.

In this interactive workshop, Nataly Kogan will share powerful research, mindset shifts, science-backed skills, and immediately actionable practices to help you become an Elevated Leader who prioritizes your and your team’s emotional health skills to drive engagement and performance.

We’ll cover:

  • Research on how the open practice of emotional health skills helps improve the well-being and performance of everyone you lead, and the high cost of ignoring emotional health
  • Proven, science-baked emotional health skills that lay the foundation for a people-embracing culture – one that values emotional health, genuine human connection, appreciation, and psychological safety – that helps you and the people you lead be at their best
  • Tangible 1-2-minute individual and leader practices you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and interactions with your team