EXECUTIVE FORUM: Beyond Digital: Key Trends Putting HR At the Forefront of the Future of Work

If technology was truly the secret to fixing employee engagement and retention, we wouldn’t still be debating these issues in 2020. Any company with the right amount of time and resources can digitize the employee experience. But technology alone, without a complete culture shift that firmly positions employees as customers, does little to motivate and inspire your workforce.

The good news is HR – more than any other part of the business – is best positioned to drive this mindset shift and be on the forefront of the future of work. Jason Averbook, co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, will lead this panel of industry analysts and forward-thinking executives to debate key trends shaping the next decade for HR. Participate in an engaging discussion on key topics such as crowdsourced rewards, mitigating bias, growth mindset, and work-life harmony – with the ultimate goal of better serving your customer – your employees.