What Everyone Wants but No One Gets: Creating Organizations of Authentic Purpose

Most organizations today have a defined purpose. And you can bet each one has been carefully crafted to elicit specific emotions and motivate employees to carry out that mission with pride and enthusiasm. But we have an issue. Employees aren’t buying it. That’s right. The very people hired to bring your purpose to life, likely as many as 90% of your workforce, do not believe their leaders embody the organizational purpose. Without a clear purpose, there’s nothing but lots of headaches for leaders (hey, that’s YOU!) due to the never-ending challenge of keeping your people motivated to help you grow your business, or at the very least, stay profitable.

If a solution to connecting people to a purpose existed, it surely would have gone viral. Right? Wrong. The answer for today’s disconnect between personal purpose and organizational purpose DOES exist… and it’s pretty clear if you consider the situation: leaders have yet to adjust their core leadership strategies to address the mindset and needs of today’s multi-generational, global, digitally connected workforce.

Today Dr. Bob Quinn and Jim Haudan are here to break it all down, by sharing the myths, the musts and the missteps around purpose. The knowledge revealed helps leaders translate their organization’s purpose into reality, thereby profoundly impacting the trajectory of the organization and their people, for the better.

Session takeaways:

  • A strategy to create a purpose-driven organization based on eight counter-intuitive steps that include Meet the Need for Authenticity, Turn the Higher Purpose into a Constant Arbiter, and Unleash the Positive Energizers
  • Knowledge on correcting the behaviors that are holding leaders back from engaging their people in the organization’s purpose
  • Actionable tactics leaders can use to create meaningful connections between their people and the organizational purpose—critical for a business to achieve sustained success
Moving Beyond the Mission: Inspiring and Aligning Meaningful Work