Embodying Authenticity in The Workplace

What does it mean to be “authentic in the workplace?”  Better yet, what does it mean to truly bring one’s  “whole” or “best-self” to the workplace? What are the boundaries? What can we do to make it real so that employees thrive and the organization achieves its goals?

These are important questions to consider as many organizations and leaders aspire to cultivate cultures of inclusion and belonging. Studies have shown that being one’s authentic self can be particularly difficult for individuals who are from underrepresented groups and dynamics like covering and imposter syndrome can stifle productivity and engagement. Moreover, many leaders do not have the skills or awareness to create environments where employees can be and bring their authentic selves. This course seeks to address this.

As part of this session, learners will:

  • Understand what it means to be authentic
  • Explore the enablers (e.g. inclusion & belonging, trust, greater self-understanding) and barriers to authenticity (e.g. covering, imposter syndrome, a culture of assimilation)
  • Examine the boundaries to authenticity that may exist in the workplace
  • Enhance one’s capacity to practice authenticity and begin to hone related skills like building trust and fostering empathy

Understand one’s role in cultivating a supportive culture where employees feel as they belong and can be their authentic, best selves.

Authentic D&I: Building Workplaces that Reflect our World, not our Biases