Disability Creates Ingenuity – A Critical Business Tool

Persons with disabilities have now exceeded the size of China with over 1.3 billion people making them the largest minority in the world, and according the World Bank an economic spending power of $8 trillion dollars. With numerous social, cultural, and demographic shifts Jonathan Kaufman in his talk explores why it is so important to re-imagine disability for the 21st century. Using disability as a lens, Kaufman discusses how the ripple effect of this community is having an ever-changing effect across the landscapes of business, innovation and culture.

As the former Policy Advisor to the White House on Diversity and Disability, an engaging professional speaker, anthropologist, clinician, entrepreneur, and policy architect, Professor Kaufman has a unique background that has allowed him the ability to work in a variety of capacities with corporations, governments, and nonprofits around the globe.

Ensuring Fairness and Opportunity: Pay and Equality in the Workplace