OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE: Delivering What Today’s Workforce Expects of HR

Happy employees make happy customers. So what makes people happy at work? What does the modern workforce EXPECT of HR?

When Jason Averbook talks about Digital Transformation, the concept of ‘digital’ spans the experience of the workforce as much as it spans the experience of your customers. As an industry, we need to break down the definition of technology versus digital. Digital encompasses mindset, people, and process – and only 10% technology. Digital is a MINDSET, one that considers how to deliver the right content to the right people in the right channel at the right moment. It’s HARD to meet people where they are – truly in the flow of work – or to get them to use the tools you offer for their effectiveness and productivity. Organizations need to adapt before employees will adopt.

We rely heavily on our workforce to deliver; we know Workforce Experience (WX) directly correlates to Customer Experience (CX) What does today’s workforce expect for Employee Experience; and what do they expect of HR? What capabilities does HR need in order to deliver, how does the function itself needs to transform, what new roles might require, and what is the equation for success to meet the needs and expectations of talent in Workforce 2020?

Other topics covered:

– How can organizations align talent strategies to Employee Experience?

– How does HR deliver an experience at moments that matter?

– How do organizations get their ‘data house’ in order so they have the necessary inputs to deliver an experience that is frictionless, personalized, relevant, and in the flow of work?

Quantifying Human Connections: Defining the Future of Work