Corporate Returnships: How to Build the Best Workforce Re-Entry Programs

Returnships and other corporate return to work programs have been around since 2005 and are currently proliferating at unprecedented rates. The reason for their popularity is threefold: the conversion rates are impressive, they are a vehicle for engaging with a population that has previously been considered risky to hire, and they are attracting a high caliber talent pool. Additional benefits for creating these programs are pulling from nontraditional talent pools including but not exclusive to women who take career breaks for childcare reasons, and the rare opportunity to create an in-house onboarding program from scratch. Join this engaging and practical presentation on how to further diversify your talent pool.

In this session you’ll:

– Learn best practices of launching return-to-work programs and how to measure the business impact

– Understand how to recruit and engage with return-to-work talent

– Hear about success stories of professionals who returned to work after long career breaks in a range of fields

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