Culture as Your Competitive Advantage: When Choosing between Results and Good Culture, Pick Both

Companies that employees say are great workplaces demonstrate stronger financial performance, reduced turnover, and better customer and patient satisfaction than their peers. Creating a great place to work begins (and ends) with culture.  We believe that culture is best built through intentionality, a lack of which can lead to bad habits, poor hiring, and poor decision-making.  Before you know it, it’s not just the way things are, it becomes part of your company’s makeup and how your employees describe your company to their friends and family.

Learn from experts from Barry Wehmiller, an organization that’s done it around the world on more than 100 acquisitions, the six drivers that allow culture to be a competitive advantage.  Look beyond simply engagement and create an environment where employees are inspired.  Inspired for their team, to solve a problem, and to build their future. Invite people into the process and find out what happens when people believe that their success and the success of the company are intertwined.

1. Learn the Barry-Wehmiller playbook on people, purpose and performance
2. Interact with the six drivers of intentional cultures:
– “Purpose” inspire team members and increase alignment
– “Personal Engagement” fully unleash each team member’s potential
– “Systems” remove obstacles, allowing team members to do their best work
– “Capability” ensure leaders have the tools, resources and skills necessary
– “Measurement” define winning and the milestones that track progress
– “Feedback” develop and encourage team member’s growth
-3. Bring tailored, practical tools back to begin (or support) your organization’s journey

The Human-Centered Workplace: Establishing a Culture of Authenticity, Collaboration, and Respect