Challenge Is Constant, Struggle Is Optional: Science-backed skills to help you and your team avoid burnout, manage stress, and thrive during challenges and change

80% of Americans experience stress at work and 40% say it’s severe or overwhelming. In 2019, the World Health Organization identified burnout as an official diagnosis in the International Classification of Diseases. Just in the US, the cost of stress is estimated at $300 billion and 95% of HR leaders say burnout is sabotaging workplace retention. Chronic stress alone negatively impacts engagement, productivity, and innovation, not to mention employee well-being and job satisfaction.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this practical and inspiring talk, Nataly Kogan shares her personal story of burnout and science-backed emotional health skills and immediately applicable practices to help you better manage stress, boost resilience during challenges and change, and make well-being a realistic priority for yourself and people you work with.

You will learn:

– Research on the high-cost of stress in the workplace and how cultivating a people-embracing culture – one that values emotional health, genuine human connection, appreciation, and psychological safety – dramatically improves performance

– Science-backed skills and tangible practices you can immediately implement to better manage stress and help you and our team be at your best

– How to realistically prioritize your well-being into your packed schedule – and help the people you work with do the same

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