Thank, Talk, Celebrate: How We Practice What We Preach at Workhuman

For more than two decades, Workhuman has helped some of the world’s most admired companies transform their cultures with the power of recognition and gratitude. Across industries and company sizes, we’ve learned that when employees’ core human needs of appreciation and belonging are met, they perform better, are more likely to exert extra effort, and are less likely to quit. In fact, we’ve taken these learnings and used them to not only continuously improve our product, but also to “walk the talk” internally at Workhuman.

Because Workhuman is consistently named a best place to work, we’re often asked about Workhuman’s secret sauce. Questions like: How do we keep culture and connection alive? What are our values? How do we make those values real? How much do we use our own product? What’s our HR strategy?

In this session, Niamh Graham, vice president of global HR at Workhuman, and Sarah Hamilton, director of HR at Workhuman, will answer these questions and give attendees a deep dive into Workhuman’s people strategy through three key pillars: thank, talk, and celebrate.

In this session you will:

  • Explore how to make work more human with gratitude and blanketing your organization in goodwill through peer-to-peer recognition
  • Learn how to improve employee performance by having more frequent conversations
  • Discover how to celebrate life’s most important moments to make every employee feel appreciated and empowered.

Niamh and Sarah will share how Workhuman has kept its culture top priority through rapid growth and key learnings for other leaders passionate about putting employees at the center of their HR strategy.

The Human-Centered Workplace: Establishing a Culture of Authenticity, Collaboration, and Respect