Amplify: Power Moves to Gain Gender Equity in Leadership

Time for action! Women have earned the majority of college degrees since the 1980s and are nearly half the workforce. Yet the number of women at the top has barely budged, with only 6% women CEOs among the Fortune 500. The lesson is clear: hard work and excellence aren’t enough. There’s a gap when We must amplify the impact of women!

In this high-energy session, Tacy Byham and Ellen McGirt will share powerful lessons from the women leaders, from some of the most powerful women leaders in the world to women at the start of their careers to their own personal stories. Fueled by the stories and leveraging the most recent research, Tacy and Ellen will offer power moves for women and men to create a gender-equitable workplace. Be inspired to find your power as a leader, and ignite the impact of the women you coach and mentor!

Learn to:

– Amplify your influence as a leader and use these skills to propel your leadership career forward.

– Build organizational support for gender equality initiatives by leveraging the latest research and connecting it to overall financial performance.

– Apply new skills to help the women you coach and mentor ignite their impact, and build a stronger network of men who support gender diversity.

Ensuring Fairness and Opportunity: Pay and Equality in the Workplace