Top 8 Tweets from #WorkHuman Tweet Chat with Cy Wakeman

By Sarah Payne

Yesterday we had a blast chatting with WorkHuman 2019 speaker Cy Wakeman on the first-ever #WorkHuman tweet chat. Did you miss out on the action? Check out some of Cy’s most quote-worthy answers and words of wisdom below. And don’t forget to register for WorkHuman 2019 to see her speak live.

1. On the ego and human nature.

2. On peer-to-peer recognition.

3. On honest feedback.

4. On engagement and accountability.

5. On leaders ditching the drama.

6. On screening for big egos.

7. On WorkHuman as a leadership conference.

8. On why she attends WorkHuman.

We were also curious whom Cy is most excited to see at WorkHuman 2019. Here’s here her full list:

Gary Hamel – “I cannot wait to hear his call for a modern leadership philosophy – a topic near and dear to my own heart.”
Kat Cole – “I have heard her before and LOVE her story from waiter to CEO and her incredible insights from the journey are fantastic.”
Tony Schwartz – “I believe that leaders manage energy not people and Tony’s work on energy is fascinating to me.”
Jessica Childress – “I am looking forward to Jessica’s take on ‘Me too – now what?’ Where do we go from here?”
Dr. Kat Smith – “Love her radio show and we can all use some tips and techniques on how to enhance our home relationships. It isn’t all work and not play, right?”
Kathryn Minshew – “As a contributor to the MUSE, I look forward to hearing her founder’s story.”
Pam Puryear – “Pam is someone I have admired for a while as she has matured throughout her career. We have worked together to implement Reality-Based Leadership in two of her organizations. Her own research is fantastic and I love SIMPLE, which is the basis of her talk.”
Tayo Rockson – “I so enjoy travel and hope to become a better global citizen and I think that Tayo will have great tips.”
Jacqueline Carter – “Mindfulness – love seeing this topic on the agenda. It is a vital part of work and we need it brought to the forefront.”

Which sessions are you most jazzed about attending at WorkHuman 2019? Be sure to register before seats fill! Use code WH19TWITTER for $200 off your registration now through midnight on Friday Nov. 16.

Sarah Payne
Sarah is managing editor at Globoforce. When not writing about all things WorkHuman, leadership, recognition, and appreciation, she enjoys iced coffee, running, and spending time with her daughter, Mabel.