[PODCAST] “No Ego” with Cy Wakeman and Steve Pemberton

By Holly Hazelton

It’s no secret that here at Globoforce we love Cy Wakeman. And now, there’s another reason to bow down to Cy; in the recent season 2 launch of her podcast “No Ego” she interviewed our own Chief People Officer, Steve Pemberton!
They talked about our mission here at Globoforce, the history of diversity struggles and opportunities in the US, what it means to be a great leader, and so much more. Below are some of my favorite quotes from the interview. Read on or click here subscribe to “No Ego” and listen to the full podcast!

– “At Globoforce, we have the wonderful privilege of changing culture. I think that’s what we’re wrestling with [in today’s world] is a need to recalibrate and re-shift our humanity through culture. And specifically, the ways we look at one another. It’s less about the demographic attributes, and more about these common moments of recognition. The ability to see in one another some semblance, some chapters of our own story.” – Steve Pemberton

– “When I talk to people about having high standards, I say, ‘Keep your standards, don’t lower your standards. Instead, you should up the support.’ Because a lot of times, if there is access available, then upping the support means making sure people are aware. For me, when I first started looking at college I knew what it cost and that I couldn’t go. Then somebody blew my mind when they said, ‘Well, people will give you scholarships.’ and I said ‘What? Who pays for your college? How does that even work?’ And so, I always had access, I just didn’t know about it.” – Cy Wakeman

– “If you want to see how effective a leader is, go see what happens when they’re no longer there.” – Steve Pemberton

Holly Hazelton is the Marketing Specialist for WorkHuman. She has a passion for digital marketing and social media and spends her free time photographing her world and listening to music. She loves spending summers on Cape Cod and being outdoors with her daughter Penelope.