By Sarah Payne

Did you know there’s a special group rate for WorkHuman? You can bring your whole team for an offsite in Phoenix – we’ll even help you plan it.
At the same time, your team can earn SHRM credits for attending the conference.

One company that’s taking advantage of this deal is AlphaBEST, a North Carolina-based company that offers a unique after-school program for working parents. Five members of AlphaBEST’s team attended WorkHuman 2016, and this year they’re bringing 45 team members – including their CEO!

We recently caught up with Anna Keller, marketing & communications manager at AlphaBEST, to ask her more about why AlphaBEST values WorkHuman as a learning and development experience.

Globoforce: What did you find most valuable about WorkHuman last year?

Each of the AlphaBEST team members who attended WorkHuman 2016 left with a renewed sense of purpose. The conference was packed with sessions from thought leaders who inspired us to be better – to DO better. Even months later, our team is still talking about the ideas and concepts we gleaned from the 2016 event, and we’ve been able to implement many new practices within our organization based on things we learned. Everything we experienced at the 2016 conference was valuable, and we’re very much looking forward to attending – with many other team members this time – in 2017!

Globoforce: Why did you decide to hold your company meeting at WorkHuman 2017? How easy was it to book?

We knew we wanted to focus this year’s company meeting on employee retention, and after such a great experience at WorkHuman 2016, we knew this year’s conference would be able to offer several resources that would enable us to really expose our company leaders to tangible and inspirational ways to help move toward that retention goal.

Booking was incredibly easy and pleasant, and the WorkHuman team has continued to bend over backward to ensure our group will have a wonderful experience at the conference. They’ve helped us incorporate many elements that allow our group to have some dedicated company-only time, which was a big priority for us.

Globoforce: What are your main reasons for bringing such a large group?

Historically, we’ve completely managed our internal leadership conferences. They’ve been AlphaBEST-only events, and haven’t been tied to larger initiatives or conferences. This year, though, we saw lots of value in coupling that annual AlphaBEST event with the WorkHuman conference, especially knowing the caliber of speakers our team would be exposed to.

Globoforce: Who from your team is attending – what are their roles?

Our 45-person team will be a combination of our human resources team, top leadership (CEO, CFO), regional directors, and area managers. Our company operates across 12 states, so we have leaders spread across the country.

Globoforce: Which speakers and tracks are you most looking forward to seeing?

This is pretty impossible to answer, as so many of the speakers seem incredibly dynamic and relevant! Susan Cain is obviously someone we’re especially excited to hear.

Globoforce: How will you share what you learned at the conference with the rest of the company?

During the conference, our team will be split into groups and each group will be given a real-world HR topic to focus on during the event (e.g., dealing with employee conflict or encouraging internal growth). At the end of the conference, each group will have created a short video to share with both the conference AlphaBEST team as well as their larger teams back home who didn’t attend the conference. The video will tie back to each specific HR topic and will speak to what the conference helped them to uncover in relation to that topic.

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Sarah Payne
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