Tips from LinkedIn on Starting Your Data Journey

By Sarah Payne

When it comes to HR technology, are you getting the most out of your data? What kind of data should you benchmark against? How are the best HR organizations thinking about data and analytics?

While data tracking and privacy issues from a consumer perspective (re: Facebook) are rising to the surface, there also exists a huge opportunity for HR to leverage data insights within organizations to make more thoughtful and strategic decisions that improve work for everyone.

In the latest episode of WorkHuman Radio embedded on the blog, Kate Hastings, head of global insights at LinkedIn, and Holly Lignelli, head of talent brand, global enterprise at LinkedIn, share tips for HR leaders just beginning their data journey.

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • Look beyond the number. For example, don’t just take your attrition rate at face value. Dig deeper. Which functions in your organization contribute to that number? That will tell a more comprehensive story and show where to focus your energy.
  • Bring in anecdotes. Data and numbers don’t mean much without a narrative. Use anecdotes to bring data to life and paint a clearer picture of the story you’re trying to tell.

Listen to the latest episode of WorkHuman Radio and read the full post on the Globoforce blog.

Sarah Payne
Sarah is managing editor at Globoforce. When not writing about all things WorkHuman, leadership, recognition, and appreciation, she enjoys iced coffee, running, and spending time with her daughter, Mabel.