Real Change at Work Will Happen By a People’s Coalition

By Dawn Burke

Twenty years of HR Leadership experience has taught me many things. Experience has taught me when I am in the middle of a tough project, I talk out loud to my computer screen.  Experience has taught me if I don’t have my 3:30 p.m. coffee, one of the zeroes on your paycheck may accidentally disappear! And on a more serious note, my experience has taught me that many employees simply aren’t happy at work. This may seem like a broad generalization, but many of the sessions at WorkHuman 2018 confirmed there is truth to my gut feeling. Employee unhappiness at work is real.

There are lots of things leaders have neglected to focus on despite years of warnings. For instance, one issue that has contributed to a lack of happiness is the continuance of using broken feedback methods with employees. At WorkHuman, Dr. David Rock, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, taught us that feedback is still (yes, still) a crucial problem, since feedback is still (yes, still) mainly driven by leaders, unsolicited.

In addition, leaders are still (oh my goodness, yes, still) neglecting to build trust-based workplaces. Best-selling author and speaker Simon Sinek said the inability of leaders to let go and give employees “agency, autonomy, and discretion” to make their own decisions impacts this problem. Simon encapsulated perhaps the biggest workplace failing in one sentence: “Too many [HR teams and leaders] are for the advancement of executives; not enough are for the advancement of people.”

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Dawn Burke
Dawn Burke is an HR leader with 20 years of experience and the founder of Dawn Burke HR.