Finding a Human Voice for Your Company

By Seferine Baez

When someone thinks of your company, what images come to mind?

This may sound like a question for your head of marketing. But the truth is, a job applicant chooses you before you have the chance to choose them – based on what they know about your workplace, your reputation, and your style. Just because you’ve received a résumé doesn’t mean you’ve won them over.

During his breakout session at WorkHuman 2018, John Baldino, president at Humareso, said within ten seconds of standing in your office space, a candidate has already decided if they want to work for you. They can tell if your office space is toxic.

All this serves to remind us that we must romance applicants for open jobs. Is your workspace appealing? Do people feel comfortable, as if they belong there?

Showcase your policy on parental leave, your focus on mental wellness, and even your flexibility when disaster strikes. Jill Larsen, senior vice president of human resources and talent acquisition at Cisco, mentioned some of Cisco’s programs, like giving employees their birthdays off and providing support for families affected by natural disasters. When it comes to employee benefits, you have to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.

Another aspect of your employer brand to consider is internal communication. Do people in your company even sound human? Erica Keswin, founder of the Spaghetti Project, said authenticity is often lacking in internal communications. A memo from an upper level administrator, for example, doesn’t need to sound robotic. Brenna Child, head of talent management & employer branding at the Washington Post, said the Washington Post responds to every tweet it’s mentioned in. My tweets about Brenna’s session at WorkHuman were addressed within ten minutes!

There are no better advocates for your company than your existing employees. Make them the faces of your brand. Whatever they stand for is what you stand for. Not only will you attract new people who want to work with you, but you will also make your current employees feel valued, important, connected, and recognized for the work they do every day.

Seferine Baez is a 2018 Workhuman Fellow who develops digital content for the conference. She is currently finishing a B.A. in English Literature at Fitchburg State University. She hopes to go into higher education student affairs and create opportunities for young adults to build character in and out of the classroom and discover their passions.