Eric Mosley: Introducing WorkHuman Cloud

By Dan Miller

It was no surprise that Globoforce CEO and co-founder Eric Mosley opened his WorkHuman 2018 keynote this morning by delivering a moment of recognition to attendees.

“You are the mavericks and the innovators, by definition, because you are here,” said Eric. “You care about these topics. Not every HR person thinks about bringing humanity to the workplace, but you do. You saw this conference coming, so you are a maverick and an innovator in the HR world.”

Eric then introduced WorkHuman Cloud, a suite of human-centered applications powered by positivity to celebrate employees and strengthen employee relationships. WorkHuman Cloud inspires connection, meaning, and growth in the modern workplace.

“HR is going through a metamorphosis,” said Eric. “Change is happening and it’s mirroring the broader topics in the world. There is an awakening in HR that if you treat employees as humans, maybe they’ll feel better, be more creative, give higher innovation, and higher productivity.

“Positivity is so much more powerful than negativity. Positivity is the corporate fuel for getting things done and outperforming your competition.”

Unlike other HR software solutions that manage data, governance, and bureaucratic tasks, WorkHuman Cloud is human-centered with a social, transparent, crowdsourced, and team-driven approach in tune with how work gets done today. By empowering all employees and managers to celebrate career and life milestones, recognize ongoing work achievements, and offer developmental feedback, people leaders can create a stronger, more authentic community in the workplace.

“Bureaucracy sucks the lifeblood out of an organization,” said Eric. “Bureaucracy kills positivity because it’s an extra layer of control. Bureaucracy has run rampant in our organizations. It’s true that we need a certain amount of bureaucracy, but the amount there is sucking the lifeblood out of people. Administration takes people away from doing their life’s best work.

“We have to start moving from data collection to human connection.”

Products in WorkHuman Cloud suite include:

  • Social Recognition® – Build a positivity-dominated culture by unlocking employees’ human need to recognize each other and feel valued. Globoforce’s market-leading solution creates a company culture that is positive, inclusive, and energized, fostering innovation, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Conversations® – Create a growth mindset with a performance development solution that helps improve performance and build team skills with continuous developmental feedback, check-ins, and shared priorities. It builds stronger, more trusting relationships between managers and peers.
  • Service Milestones™ – Commemorate the entire career journey from first day to anniversaries, promotions, and retirement, leveraging crowdsourced stories and memories. It revitalizes old, impersonal years of service programs with a more personal and stories-based approach.
  • Life Events™ – Celebrate employees’ most meaningful, personal moments, such as new births, marriages, graduations, and more. The solution creates a positive community experience around employees’ lives outside of work, strengthening the connection between colleagues.
  • Community Celebrations™ – Build a sense of community at work by memorializing group experiences including team outings, charity events, and holiday celebrations. Empower everyone across the company to celebrate the diversity and achievements that are shared by many.


WorkHuman Cloud is underpinned by solutions including: 

  • Globostore™ – Reward employees with the most global, culturally appropriate selections and experiences with in-country fulfillment.
  • MoodTracker™ – Analyze company mood and engagement correlated to employees’ experiences.
  • D&I Monitoring – Further inclusion and belonging by mitigating unconscious bias through raising awareness and prompting behavioral changes.
  • People Analytics – Visualize employee insights and understand team dynamics, with real-time, crowdsourced data. 
  • Team Connections – Develop and strengthen agile team interactions and connections.

“The focus of WorkHuman Cloud is on your people – connecting teams, developing talent, and creating a positive workplace by celebrating employees for who they are and what they do,” said Eric.

“That’s what unlocks creativity, innovation, and drives performance. We see WorkHuman Cloud as the heart of the future workplace.”

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Dan Miller is the director of content marketing for Globoforce.