The Business Value of a Culture Where Employees Can Bring Their Whole Self

It’s proven that building trust between managers and employees can create healthy environments that allow people to bring their whole, human selves to work.

At WorkHuman 2018 in Austin, Texas, April 2-5 (register here), we’re featuring a content track on how to create a culture of humanity in an organization by building that trust. Leading programs that enrich work/life balance can make employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated. “Your Whole Self,” one of eight content tracks, will discuss the bottom-line business benefits of focusing on wellness, mindfulness, and resilience at work.

Here are just a few of our expert speakers on the topic:

Andrew J. Shatté, Ph.D., the chief science officer at meQuilibrium, will lead “Time to Rewire Our Brains, the Secret to Success in the Face of Unrelenting Change.” With more than 25 years of experience in the field, Andrew is a prolific author on the topics of resilience and coping in the workplace, as well as a sought-after speaker and former professor of psychology. In this interactive session, he will explore three fundamental resilience skills that will both impact you personally and, if cultivated across your organization, result in higher engagement, work satisfaction, and wellbeing.

“The Future of Happiness” is based off of Amy Blankson’s best-selling book. In the session, Amy herself will discuss how mindful attention is a scarce and valuable resource. Amy graduated from Harvard College and the Yale School of Management, and is the only person to receive a Point of Light from two sitting U.S. presidents. As a member of the U.N. Global Happiness Council and a Fellow of the World Innovation Organization, she focuses her work on understanding how to cultivate happiness in a digital era.

Blue Circle Leadership Institute CEO Bonnie St. John travels the world as a keynote speaker and leads several international virtual leadership programs. She will hold a session titled “Creating a Culture of High-Performance Resilience,” which will explore how to build micro-resilience in order to promote micro-recoveries for a stronger and more sustainable workforce.

These are just a few of the speakers convening at WorkHuman to discuss the performance revolution. Stay tuned for more speaker announcements in support of WorkHuman’s global movement of people, purpose, and passion to bring more humanity to today’s workplace. We hope to see you at WorkHuman!