Creating Great Places to Work – For All

Guest post by WorkHuman 2017 speaker Chinwe Onyeagoro on the Globoforce blog.

The results are in. There’s a new business standard to compete in today’s marketplace and it’s all about your workforce – all of your employees.

Most leaders know that the secret to a successful business is unlocking the human potential of all of your people. You can’t drive innovation, client satisfaction, and profitability without having employees who are engaged and committed to your organization.

Great Place to Work has been evaluating workplace performance for decades, with our research on leading companies from around the world and our selection of the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For®, among others. We’ve found the one trend connecting the most high-performing businesses is a consistently positive employee experience defined by trust. At the best companies, there’s a spirit of camaraderie between co-workers. Employees are inspired and supported by their leaders to make a difference. And they think of their work as more than a job.

The results of a high-trust company culture are clear. Companies that have made our 100 Best list have consistently shown stock market returns 3x the average. They’re reaping the financial benefits of that unlocked human potential.

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