Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cathy Harvey on the Value of WorkHuman

Are you curious what it’s like to experience WorkHuman firsthand? Do you want to know more about the value of attending WorkHuman as an HR professional, people manager, or business professional?

We recently sat down with Cathy Harvey, human resources program manager at Booz Allen Hamilton. She attended the very first WorkHuman conference in 2015 and has been an advocate of the WorkHuman movement ever since. Learn about her experience at this year’s conference and working with Globoforce on launching Booz Allen Hamilton’s new recognition program.

How did you first hear about WorkHuman?

A Globoforce sales rep introduced themselves to me three years ago and told me about this great event called WorkHuman, and how it is about looking at our employees as humans, and that really gave me pause. It sounded like a very different HR-based conference.

You attended WorkHuman 2015?

I’ll never forget it. I came back said, “Wow. That was impressive.” It was informative. It was helpful and really made me look at not just my own team, but all my colleagues very differently. It reminds you that we’re all human and we’re all dealing with very different things at different times in our lives.

What was your favorite part of this year’s conference?

I really enjoyed networking with other Globoforce partners and learning how other companies approach recognition. I also had time to focus on the HR side by attending a diverse group of sessions within each of the tracks.

Who should go WorkHuman? Is it just for HR people?

No, it’s not. I posted to Facebook about one of the speakers I was excited to see, and all of my HR friends emailed me saying, “Cathy, I heard about that conference. I wanted to go. You need to tell me what it’s about.” They were looking for something different than the standard jumping from session-to-session conference where you get lost in the crowd. I said, “You need to go to WorkHuman. It will make you think differently not just as an HR expert, but as a manager and a leader.”

WorkHuman is for anyone who manages staff or wants their company or department to operate more efficiently and effectively. The conference is so diverse, with nuggets for HR professionals, nuggets for managers and leaders, and nuggets on just helping us be better humans. And at the end of the day, if we’re better humans, we’re going be better workers.

What was your overall experience like at the event?

The whole design of the conference was so thoughtful – from the appreciation table where I could give appreciation to not just the Globoforce team, but other attendees who I found helpful, to the demos and the gem stones. I brought one of the gem stones back to one of my teammates and said, “I think this is why we work so well together. We make one stone, but here are the attributes you really shine at and here’s what I’m good at, and together this makes us the shining rock that makes this team successful.”

When I got home I told my friends and colleagues that this conference does something very different. I left energized and excited and ready to make some changes.

Your social recognition program recently launched. What has it been like working with Globoforce?

There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for the dedication, honesty, and overall customer service and consulting skills. It’s been hands-down the best interaction with any vendor I’ve had in my 20-plus years in the industry. There were always quick responses. I never felt like I was a bother. It is very much a partnership, and that partnership is what made it a success.

What prompted you to launch a new program?

For the last 10 years I have been managing the firm’s recognition program. And for a while, I had been wanting to change. I knew we could make a bigger impact on our staff and our managers. It was perfect timing this year because we were changing the values and mission of the firm, and could link the values to a new program.

It was quite clear that Globoforce’s solution was exactly what we needed. And the Globoforce team – from our sales rep to the implementation team – made us look very successful because the program launched with more than a hundred nominations in the first day. We had the highest email open rate on any program launched in the history of the company.

What does WorkHuman mean to you?

WorkHuman is an opportunity to connect with my colleagues in the industry – to rebalance me not just as a recognition professional, but also as a human manager. It’s an opportunity to obtain new tools that will make me better as an employee and as a leader.

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